About Us

Niko AlexisSince its inception, Niko Alexis has become widely known as a global leader and international brand of the best in distinctive heels for those who aspire to express themselves to the world. Our expansive catalog is well suited to those who desire a wide variety of design and styles to choose from – urban chic, contemporary, transitional, traditional, and more… All with careful attention to elegant design, details, and the highest quality craftsmanship.

At Niko Alexis, we take pride in continuously expanding our range of exquisite, stylish merchandise, and are pleased to be introducing more lines of decorative heels. Inspired with all the innovation, creativity and ingenuity our talented team possesses, these new, attractively styled heels will appeal to anyone looking to enhance any of their outfits with a distinct sense of style, elegance, and grace.

By channeling the expertise and ingenuity of our entire design team into each heel, we continually pursue excellence in design and craftsmanship. We will remain committed to providing an engaging experience by offering our customers a diverse and inclusive selection of products to satisfy their unique and aspirational desires.